Cat Schmitz designer + technologist

I design experiences and tell stories with brands like Sesame Street, A+E Networks, the UN, and R/GA. Currently based in New York City.

Featured Projects
History Channel Chatbot
Artificially intelligent chatbot that colloquially chats about the history of AI
R/GA Jukebox
Interactive music visualization and collaborative playlist for R/GA offices
App about reshaping codependent behaviors into new, healthier habits
Narratives in Medical Education
Design intervention to promote narrative competency in medical education
School the System
Narrative game about the K12 discipline codes and the school to prison pipeline
Storytelling experience for opening of the Immersive Storytelling Symposium.
Other Projects

Fjord Lemonade Stand
Design study focused on determining consumer attitudes and actions relating to privacy. One experiment included offering lemonade in exchange for personal information.

Spicy Space
Educational children's narrative which focuses on alliteration. Narrative about stinky skunks in space looking for some spicy snacks.

NYTimes: History Headlines
Web application which displays the history of a given term through archived New York Times headlines.

Well, We Tried
Protocol design and implementation based on adaptive communication styles in human relationships.

Rest in Peace, Fivepointz
Media archive and event documentation of Fivepointz, a former graffiti mecca in Long Island City, New York.

Berry Martians
Interactive children's narrative which explores the limits of iconography and communication.

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